The Circular Design Cards comprise 110 cards and are created to enable circular fashion design and business development. They can either be used to redesign existing products or create new circular collections from scratch. Symbolic visuals and an outline of specific fibres, for example, support a general understanding of fashion production whilst a pick and choose approach allows to define holistic collections based on circular strategies.


Split into eight main categories that range from customer, to materials, design, production, distribution, end of use, marketing and business vision, the cards support a thorough approach to fashion design as a playful and creative learning process. An introduction into each category is complemented by challenge cards that instigate reflection and raise a critical awareness relevant for designing for closed loop systems.

©Sabine Lettmann

The Target Audience Cards comprise 110 cards and can be individually used or as an additional plugin for the Circular Design Cards. They support an in depth target audience group development through a pick and choose approach. 13 different life style categories ranging from housing to sports activities and various interests in sustainability define customer values and attitudes allowing to create successful fashion concepts and businesses.

© Sabine Lettmann