Since 2000 I am working as a freelance fashion designer for my own label and individual projects within areas such as concept creation, design, pattern construction, sample development, production supervision and creative consulting.


Feb 2020 Walking Distance - Fashion On a Different Route, exhibition at Centrala Gallery, Birmingham


Jun 2019 launch otherways[project], circular unsiex collection concept


Feb + Mar 2018 participation in Circular Fashion Games, Eindhoven & Amsterdam


Apr 2010 launch pigschick, knit- and beachwear


Feb 2005 fashion show, presenting own collection, Berlin


Mar 2004 fashion show on occasion of IKEA Roomwear press conference, Hamburg

Mar 2004 fashion show,
presenting own collection, Berlin


Jan + Aug 2002 Who's Next Paris, presenting own collection

Feb 2002 fashion show Future. Now!, under the patronage of Vivienne Westwood, presenting own collection, Hanover


Aug 2000 launch sabine lettmann, knit- and womenswear

otherways[project], circular unisex collection concept. Photos: Asia Werbel Models: Maena/Body London & Aldo H.

Membership Fashion Council Germany

Fellowship RSA, Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce UK




Lettmann, S. and Schmoeckel, P. (2022) From Global Problem to Local Solution – How a Future Directed Circular Economy Can Foster Social Change. In Pal, V. ed. Social and Cultural Aspects of Circular Economy. Toward Solidarity and Inclusivity. London Routledge. Available for pre-order.


Lettmann, S. (2021) Jil Sander 1990-2000: From Simplicity to the Queen of Less. Bloomsbury Fashion Archive. DOI: 10.5040/9781350934641.007.


Lettmann, S., White, B. and Hillyard, Z. (2021) Constructive Disruption. Responsible Fashion Conference. Antwerp, BE, 14-15 October 2021. Antwerp: University of Antwerp.


Lettmann, S. and Lukas, C.R. (2021) Between Dream and Reality - Developing Products and Systems Through Design Thinking. The Digital Multilogue of Fashion Education. Paris, FR, 1-2 October 2021. Paris: American University of Paris.


Lettmann, S. and Nutton, K. (2021) Weaving the Fashion Future. Learning and Teaching Conference, Birmingham, UK, 15-16 July 2021. Birmingham: Birmingham City University.


Lettmann, S. (2021) Let’s Play Fashion – The Transformation to Circular Business Values Using the Circular Design Matrix. 23rd International Conference Sustainable Innovation 2021. London, UK, 15-16 March 2021. London: University for the Creative Arts.


Lettmann, S. and Schmoeckel, P. (2020) From Global Problem to Local Solution – How a Future Directed Circular Economy Can Foster Social Change. Social and Cultural Aspects of Circular Economy Workshop. Helsinki, FI, 19-20 November 2020. Helsinki: University of Helsinki


Lettmann, S., White, B. and Hillyard, Z. (2020) Re-imagining the Landscape of Future Living and Learning Through Bio-material Exploration. The RCE European Meeting 2020. Leicester, UK, 24-25 November. Leicester: De Montfort University.


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Lettmann, S. (2020) The Relevance of a New Presentation Format For The Transition Towards a Circular Fashion Industry. Costume Culture Conference (ITCCC): Fashion Marketing and Economy. Seoul, KR, 4 July 2020. Seoul: Hanyang University.


Lettmann, S., White, B. and Hillyard, Z. (2020) MAT_er.LAB, the Interdisciplinary Playground Where Science Means Personal Growth. Journal of Textile Science and Fashion Technology, 5(2), DOI: 10.33552/JTSFT.2020.05.000608.


October (2019) Design for Circularity in Fashion, panel discussion Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven.


Lettmann, S. (2019) Facing Textile Industry: Why Circular Design has to become a BA Fashion programme and Creativity alone is not Enough. Journal of Textile Science and Fashion Technology, 3(5), DOI: 10.33552/JTSFT.2019.03.000572.


Lettmann, S. (2019) otherways[project]. Sustainability through Cross Border Circular Economy. Erasmus+ Project. Gothenborg, SE, 9 September 2019.


Lettmann, S. (2018) Beyond Aesthetics. Keynote, SH:IFT student conference launch. Birmingham, UK, 20 November 2018. Birmingham: Birmingham City University.


Lettmann, S. (2018) Das Erscheinungsbild der Influencer.  Keynote, GRUR Annual Conference, German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property. Berlin, GER, 28 September 2018.                  


Lettmann, S. (2018) Das Erscheinungsbild der Influencer. GRUR Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht (12) 2018, pp. 1206-1211.



Since April 2019: Senior Lecturer Costume Design and Practice, Birmingham City University.


2018 - 2019 Visiting Lecturer Fashion and Costume Design, Birmingham City University.


2017 - 2018 Lecturer Fashion Design and Fashion Textile Management, Akademie JAK Hamburg.


2015 - 2017 Lecturer Fashion Design, Vitruvius Hochschule Leipzig.


Guest Lectures:

MA Fashion Design BCU, Foundation BCU, Middlesex University London, KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.


External Examiner Roles:

2021 - 2025 BA (Hons) Costume Design and Making, Buckinghamshire University, UK.

Dec 2021 BA (Hons) Fashion and Costume Design with Sustainable Practice, Stage 2 validation panel, Blackpool and The Fylde College, UK.


The Circular Design Cards comprise 110 cards enabling circular fashion design and business development. They can either be used to redesign existing products or create new circular collections from scratch. Symbolic visuals and an outline of specific fibres, for example, support a general understanding of fashion production whilst a pick and choose approach allows to define holistic collections based on circular strategies.


Split into eight main categories that range from customer, to materials, design, production, distribution, end of use, marketing and business vision, the cards support a thorough approach to fashion design as a playful and creative learning process. An introduction into each category is complemented by challenge cards that instigate reflection and raise a critical awareness relevant for designing for closed loop systems.


The Target Audience Cards comprise 110 cards and can be individually used or as an additional plugin for the Circular Design Cards. They support an in depth target audience group development through a pick and choose approach. 13 different life style categories ranging from housing to sports activities and various interests in sustainability define customer values and attitudes allowing to create successful fashion concepts and businesses.


© Sabine Lettmann




2015/16 Assistances at Hamburg State Opera:

Turangalîla, choreographer: John Neumeier / costume: Albert Kriemler, Akris
La Passione, direction: Romeo Castellucci /
costume: Romeo Castellucci
Das stille Meer,
direction: Oriza Hirata / costume: Aya Masakanene
Eleonora Duse,
choreographer: John Neumeier / costume: John Neumeier
Peer Gynt,
choreographer: John Neumeier / costume: Jürgen Rose
La Bianca Notte,
direction: Ramin Gray / costume: Janina Brinkmann

La Fanciulla del West, direction: Vincent Boussard / costume: Christian Lacroix


2014 Assistance movie Boy 7, direction: Özgür Yildirim / costume: Christine Zahn




Since 2011 I am working as a freelance creative consultant for brands such as Dior, Chaumet, Iris von Arnim, Made auf Veddel, Matthew Christopher, Reet Aus or


2019 Co-organisation SH:IFT (Students Happening Influencing Fashion and Textiles) student conference, Birmingham City University


2016 Co-development WOW Magazin


2005 - 2010 Assistance, then head of press showroom, JOOP! GmbH Hamburg




Mar 1996 - Jul 2001 Fashion Design studies, University of Applied Sciences HAW Hamburg, First Class Diploma in Fashion Design


Oct 1993 - Feb 1996 Law studies, Georg-August University Goettingen



Further Education:


Feb 2021 Embedding Sustainability into the Curriculum, SEDA accredited course


Jun 2018 Circular Economy Teaching & Learning, Higher Education workshop, Ellen MacArthur Foundation London


Oct 2017 Higher Education Didactics, course Friedrich-Schiller University Jena


Mar + May 2017 Design Thinking, workshop I + II Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft


Feb 2017 Social Media Manager, certificate Social Media Akademie Mannheim


Dec 2013 Storytelling, international workshop NORDWINDfestival Hamburg


Apr 1996 English, foreign language certificate Georg-August University Goettingen




May 2021 Nomination for Changemakers Prize, British Fashion Council


May 2021 Nomination as Inspirational Teacher of the Year, Birmingham City University


Feb 2021 Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA), UK


Oct 2018 otherways[project] at exhibition for German Federal Award Bundespreis Ecodesign, Kulturforum Berlin


Mar 2018 3rd place at Circular Fashion Games Eindhoven/Amsterdam

Feb 2005 2nd place at competition WeddingDress#1 Berlin


Jan + Aug 2002 invitation as exhibitor Les Jeunes Créateurs, Who's Next Paris


Jan 2001 Exhibiton best diplomas of 2000 at HAW Hamburg

Apr 1999 1st place at competition Personnel Uniforms Karstadt Sport Hamburg